Brushed finish for precast concrete units

  • A connecting footway runs directly through the Dorpshuis Heerde community centre to link two streets in the district of Heerde, the Netherlands.

  • To ensure the footway is always safe to walk on, a slip-resistant brushed finish is reproduced in its surface. This was achieved using the NOEplast "Sydney" texture.

  • The surface quality of the NOEplast "Sydney" texture complies with DIN 51130 slip resistance rating R12.

  • The traditional brushed finish is reproduced in the concrete using the NOEplast Sydney texture.

  • The connecting footway between two streets runs directly through the Dorpshuis Heerde community centre.

  • The surface of the precast concrete units was treated with a water-repellent coating.

  • Benches and table sets invite the visitor to stop and spend time here.

  • NOEplast Sydney: A delicately drawn brushed concrete texture on large precast concrete slabs.

  • NOEplast Sydney: A delicately drawn brushed concrete texture on large precast concrete slabs.

NOEplast "Sydney" textured formliner achieves DIN 51130 R12 slip resistance rating

The "Dorpshuis Heerde" community centre operated by Heerde district council not only brings the local population together, it also joins two streets. A footway runs through the building to provide the link. It is a key feature of the project. To ensure an appropriate and safe solution, the footway surface was made slip resistant with the help of the NOEplast "Sydney" textured formliner.

The district of Heerde lies about 90 minutes by car from Amsterdam and has a population of 11,200. The open and high-quality architecture of the "Dorpshuis Heerde" invites visitors to enter and spend time in the multifunctional community centre. DAT Architects from Tilburg planned and designed the project. The design took the form of a multifunctional building that includes a library, theatre and offices. In appearance, it resembles a pavilion. Large windowed areas in the walls and the roofs combine with the light-coloured materials used for the floors, walls and ceilings to lend the interior a light and bright atmosphere. The external walls are defined by masonry blockwork decorated in a range of bright shades. They create a beautiful contrast to the green surroundings and the parking areas finished in red.

Connecting footways

The building is situated between two streets. They are connected by a footway that leads centrally through the building. It is a key feature of the project. This is where all the functions of the building come together and is a favourite place for informal social meetings or relaxing. The footway is constructed in precast concrete units.

To provide the required slip resistance, the surface has a traditional brushed finish. This method of concrete finishing originated in the in-situ concrete field. First a relatively smooth concrete slab is created, then fine grooves are introduced into the surface using a brush with metal bristles. This process demands a great deal of care if a uniform appearance is to be achieved.

Quick and easy alternative

It is much quicker and easier to manufacture precast concrete slabs using textured formliners from NOE. These formliners are marketed under the name NOEplast. Before concreting, they simply need to be fixed to the formwork in such a way that they cannot slip. Then the form is filled with concrete. As soon as the concrete has hardened sufficiently, the precast unit can be removed from the form to reveal the desired textured finish.

The project design team decided to use the NOEplast "Sydney" textured formliner for the "Dorpshuis Heerde" community centre. It reproduces a perfect brushed finish on the concrete and provides slip resistance complying with DIN 51130 rating R12. A water-repellent coating was then applied to the slabs to protect them from dirt and ensure their pleasing appearance is retained in the long term.

NOEplast textured formliners

In addition to the Sydney texture, NOE-Schaltechnik offers a choice of over 100 standard designs. They are mainly used to improve the appearance of wall surfaces. For example, NOEplast can reproduce a likeness of the texture of wood, masonry or natural stone in concrete. NOE can supply anything from fully free-form motifs right up to ornamental elements with an oriental touch. The manufacturer also offers customers the opportunity of realising their own design ideas. Most can be created quite easily from the appropriate CAD drawings. All NOEplast textured formliners are suitable for use on site or in a precasting works. They can be reused up to 100 times.

Pleasant social meeting place

The "Dorpshuis Heerde" is a favourite meeting place for all members of the community. With this well-designed project concept, appropriate choice of materials and high standard of construction, the architects have created a building with a very pleasant atmosphere. A successful example of good architecture.

Unique NOE service

The company is the only manufacturer to provide both NOE concrete formwork and textured formliners from a single source and offers a special installation service. On request, NOEplast textured formliners can be attached to the forms or a supporting board in the factory. The textured formliners are then delivered to site, ready for use. This service saves a great deal of work for the contractor, especially on in-situ concrete sites. It also gives the contractor the confidence that the result will meet the client's requirements. In addition, NOE can prepare the formwork reuse plan and concreting schedule on request.