NOE®plast catalogue 2016

NOEplast catalogue

Attractive examples and over 100 NOEplast standard textures informatively presented

Textured formliners are an effective way of transforming exposed concrete surfaces into an aesthetic design feature. Attractively presented under the brand name NOEplast, manufacturer NOE offers examples and textures in this extensively updated and redesigned catalogue.

The catalogue contains a large number of practical examples and an attractively presented collection of over 100 different textures, all available as standard. In the redesigned A4 format publication, the manufacturer impressively illustrates the whole range of design possibilities. For example, NOEplast can be used to reproduce a likeness of the texture of wood, masonry or natural stone in concrete. NOE can supply anything from fully free-form motifs right up ornamental elements with an oriental touch. The textured formliners are used mainly for enhancing walls, but can also provide suitable textures for floors. The floor textures improve anti-slip properties and in many cases ensure that the concrete surface complies with the relevant DIN.

In addition to the standard designs in the catalogue, NOE also offers the opportunity for customers to bring their artistic ideas to reality. Most can be created from suitable CAD drawings. The NOEplast catalogue is produced in six languages (German, English, French, Dutch, Russian and Spanish) and can be obtained free-of-charge from NOE on request.


The formliners are unbelievably easy to use: they are equally at home on site or in the precasting factory. All they require is to be fixed to the formwork in such a way that they cannot slip. Then the concrete is poured. The surface formed by the textured formliners is revealed after stripping. A big advantage of the textured formliners is the even and homogeneous appearance of the surfaces they produce. NOEplast textured formliners have a glassfibre backing fabric for dimensional stability. They are extremely robust and can be reused up to 100-times.

Unique service

In addition, NOE offers a quite special service. As the only manufacturer of concrete formwork and textured formliners, the company has an installation service. On request, the company fastens the textured formliners onto the formwork or onto supporting boards in the factory. The textured formliners are then delivered to site, ready for use. This makes work on an in-situ concrete site or in the precasting factory much easier. It also gives the contractor the confidence that the result will meet the client's requirements. NOE can also prepare the formwork reuse plan and concreting schedule on request.