NOE®plast Informationen

Acting Room Schibler School, Neuenhof, Switzerland
Exterior walls made with draped drapery effect - designed with NOEplast

NOEplast, NOE Combi 70
Retaining wall: Curved, textured and structural

Remarkable "dried-out clay" retaining wall
New NOEplast Santpoort stone texture celebrates its début in the Netherlands

New Saalebridge near  Hammelburg
NOEratio loadbearing formwork combined with NOEplast textured formliners cuts down construction time

Skipton Flood Alleviation
Scheme for the Environment Agency, Great Britain

Brushed finish for precast concrete units
NOEplast "Sydney" textured formliner achieves DIN 51130 R12 slip resistance rating

Facades reflect riparian woodland
Creating the look of riparian woodland with NOEplast textured formliners

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Individualised standard textured formliner
NOEplast setzt individuelle Akzente in belgischem Apartment-Komplex.

NOEplast, NOE Combi 70
Concrete flood prevention wall wins admirers with a natural stone look.

A wall drenched in history

NOEplast textured formliners lend aesthetic interest to "varioWand" concrete surfaces.

Columns for the third-largest mosque in the world

NOEplast Alpha Cloud
Concrete surface reflects the building's use thanks to NOEplast textured formliners

Aesthetic relief on bridge abutments

University Library Utrecht, The Netherlands
A plaster model was the only template available to the specialists from NOEplast.

NOEplast Speyer
Complex curves and aesthetic forms, Dantercepies gondola lift in South Tyrol, Italy

NOEplast NOEtop
Aesthetic architecture in concrete for a utility building

NOEplast Camargue
Nouvelle matrice de coffrage NOEplast Camargue avec motif de roseau

NOEplast Murus Romanus
Murus Romanus texture gives retaining wall an attractive appearance.

Individual Formliners
NOEplast formliners allow individual design of concrete surfaces.

Minima, Maxima 
The individual letters were cut into the The relief resembling stacked cardboard picture mounts and frames on the textured concrete surface is intended as a subtle reference to the function of the building.

Roman déjà-vu
Convincingly real “old masonry” can be economically expressed in concrete, thus the “genius loci” of the region is also brought into effect in its transportation infrastructure.