Individualised standard textured formliner

  • The NOEplast texture "Ulm" resembles a brushed board texture. Advantage of the NOEplast texture: it can be reused up to 100 times. On request, NOE supplies the textured formliners preinstalled and ready for use on site or in the precasting works.

  • Even an expert would need a second glance to realise that textured formliners had been used and not brushed board formwork.

  • Modern CNC technology makes it possible: a board texture in combination with lettering.

  • It creates the impression that the lettering floats above the textured concrete surface.

  • Using CNC technology, the lettering was routed out of the textured formliner premounted onto the formwork and then concreted on site.

  • Consistent appearance: the numbering of the storeys on the apartment blocks was done using the same technique.

  • Modern CNC technology makes it possible: a board texture in combination with lettering.

NOEplast textured formliners add an individualised touch to Belgian apartment comple

The "Residenz Silvae is an apartment complex in Sint-Denijs-Westrem near Gent, Belgium. The development comprises 24 units spread between three buildings. All three are connected by an underground parking garage, which also functions as an entrance to the residential buildings. Valid grounds for the client to devote particular care and attention to this area. Therefore the decision was made to construct a large proportion of the wall surfaces using textured fair-faced concrete. NOEplast textured formliners from NOE-Schaltechnik, Süssen were selected for the task. NOE-Bekistingtechniek N.V., Zavantem, NOE's Belgian subsidiary, played a leading role in this project.

NOEplast textured formliners

In order to bring these plans to fruition, the project team called on textured formliners from NOE-Schaltechnik to create a three-dimensional texture in the surface of the concrete.

The manufacturer markets them under the name NOEplast and has an extensive range of standard textures available. The range includes everything from wood and stone textures through masonry and bush-hammered concrete finishes to fully free-formed reliefs. NOE-Schaltechnik often uses the original source material in the manufacture of the textured formliner, the final result, naturally not always in terms of touch – but certainly in appearance – looks very like the source material. The manufacturer also offers to realise the customer's individual ideas. To do this, a positive motif is created first (usually with CNC technology), which is then used for the manufacture of the actual textured formliner. The high quality of NOEplast textured formliners means they can be reused up to 100 times.

Individualised solutions

The team in charge of the Residenz Silvae project opted for forming a large part of the wall surfaces with the NOEplast wood texture, Ulm. The Ulm texture mirrors the surface of a brushed board finish and therefore links the aesthetic advantages of this material with the constructional advantages of concrete.

The actual choice for this project also included individualised versions of the Ulm texture, which would allow the storeys to be numbered and the entrances highlighted. These were designed such that the wood texture provided a background to the smooth lettering, which was slightly raised and thus clearly set apart from the surrounding background surface. To manufacture these elements, the text and numbers were milled out of the texture using CNC technology. This prepared the formwork liners very well for the next steps in the process.

Simple to handle

The manufacture of the textured concrete elements could not be easier. The formliners are glued into the formwork for in-situ structures, or simply laid in the formwork for concrete components made in the precasting works. Then the concrete is poured and compacted. As soon as the concrete has hardened sufficiently, the formwork is stripped and the resulting surface revealed.

Unique service

To make this task even easier, NOE-Schaltechnik is in the position to offer a special service as the only company manufacturing both textured formliners and concrete formwork: if the customer wishes, the textured formliners can be prefitted to the formwork at the factory or glued to a supporting board, which is then screwed on to the formwork on site. The textured formliners are delivered to site ready for use.

If necessary, NOE can also prepare the formwork reuse plan and concreting schedule. This service makes life very much easier for the contractor, particularly on in-situ concrete sites.

Pumped long distances

The textured formliners were used on site for the Residenz Silvae project. Because of local access problems, the concrete had to be pumped over distances up to 140 m to reach the site. The contractor had to prevent the concrete mix from segregating on its journey over this long route. A pipe system was used that pumped the concrete into the formwork from the bottom, not from the top, as is the usual practice. Self-compacting concrete was used. This had the advantage that expensive and time-consuming compaction could be dispensed with and there was less chance of the concrete taking in air.

As a result, the future residents and visitors to the Residenz Silvae will be pleasantly welcomed at the entrance area by some high-quality architectural touches.