Creative Concrete

New at Bau 2017: 
NOE textured formwork

Brushed finish for precast concrete units
NOEplast "Sydney" textured formliner achieves DIN 51130 R12 slip resistance rating
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The NOEreport 157
has been published

Facades reflect riparian woodland
Creating the look of riparian woodland with NOEplast textured formliners
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NOEplast Catalog 2016 - out now!
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Individualised standard textured formliner
NOEplast setzt individuelle Akzente in belgischem Apartment-Komplex.
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NOEplast, NOE Combi 70
Concrete flood prevention wall wins admirers with a natural stone look.
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NOEplast textured formliners lend aesthetic interest to "varioWand" concrete surfaces.
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Columns for the third-largest mosque in the world
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NOEplast Alpha Cloud
Concrete surface reflects the building's use thanks to NOEplast textured formliners
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NEW: NOEliner Formliners
Large area to 3,000x50,000 or 5,800x10,000 mm, only about 2 mm thick ... Detailed information:

NOEplast NOEtop
Aesthetic architecture in concrete for a utility building
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